How It All Started

My husband and sons Mark and Steve all encouraged me to get started with art.  About 20 years ago, my son Mark told me to make a list of all the things I always wanted and planned to do sometime in my life but had never gotten around to doing yet and to date and sign it. Then I forgot about the list for quite awhile but was surprised to see when I found the list a year or so later that I had started almost everything on the list.

One of the things on my list was taking some art classes.  I first tried the local vocational school and took some acrylic painting classes.  Then a friend (Jane Sheibenberger) from that class and I started looking for watercolor classes.  I learned someone on my street was a very good watercolor artist.  I went and asked if she gave classes — she didn’t but was willing to start.  My friend and I took classes from her (Sharon Borror) for several years, and Sharon started giving art classes in her studio to many other students and has continued all these years.  Sharon is a Signature Ohio Watercolor Society member and has earned many awards and honors for her watercolor works.

Once I realized how much I liked painting, I continued to take many other workshops and classes through the years.  I joined the local art league and became active in it.  It opened up a whole new interest for me and a lot of new friends in my life.

I had intended to start painting for years but never had the gumption to get started until I wrote out that list.

Why not try it.  Make a list.  It is amazing how just the act of writing down the things you have always intended to try will help you to get started.  If you look back at the list in a year or so, you will be surprised that you have been whittling the list down — and enjoying yourself in the process.  It might even be time to make a new list.

So if you haven’t tried this before, give it a try — you will be surprised.


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  1. Dawn Hamman

    I enjoyed visiting your blog, Linda. Seeing a sampling of your work and learning how you started and got to this point was quite interesting! You are an inspiration to me – maybe one day I will make my own list – who knows where it will take me! Thank you for sharing!

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